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Mist Collectors

Mist-Pak® Mist Collectors from Alpha Industrial Supply, ranging from 600 to 3500 CFM, provide high-efficiency mist collection for all types of machining processes, whether generating oil mist or water-soluble mist. The smaller units may be mounted directly on the machine to capture the mist and smoke. Larger MP Series mist collectors provide efficient central mist collection ducted to as many as 10-12 mist generating machines. The unique MistPlus® Contaminant Management System utilizes a special multi-stage filter to remove both oil mist and dry contaminants while maintaining over 95% filtration efficiency. Mist-Pak® Mist Collectors with MistPlus® technology reduce operating costs and even offer added savings through coolant recovery.

Our Pro Series of mist collectors from Airflow Systems features 99.97% ultra-high efficiency filtration with washable filters, reducing maintenance costs and extending filter life, with a 2-year filter life guarantee.

  • Draft Hood at Chemical Plant
  • Collector at Aircraft Manufacturer (2)