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Extractor Arms

Our E-Z Arm® High Flow Extractors from Airflow Systems combine powerful source capture with exceptionally smooth operation. Their unique friction-release pawl-and-sprocket design that keeps the E-Z Arms® reliably in position, yet easy to move when re-positioning. The E-Z Arm® Series ranges from 7' to 14' lengths, from 2.5 to 8-inch diameter, with inlet hoods up to 13" in diameter and air flow rates up to 1,500 CFM. The arm mechanism is mounted on the outside for obstruction-free air flow. The rounded duct is constructed of 20 gauge aluminum, durable and yet lightweight, and the Hi-Flow hose is spiral-wire reinforced for strength and flexibility, and is resistant to weld sparks and grinding embers. Alpha Industrial Products also offers a stainless steel Telescoping Collection Arm in 4- to 5-foot lengths (5- to 7-foot lengths when extended), with a 10-inch diameter hood.

For process-critical applications such as food and pharmaceutical processing, our E-Z Arm® and E-Z Arm® II are also available stainless steel construction.