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Downdraft Tables

Alpha Industrial Supply provides a broad range of industrial downdraft tables from Airflow Systems, including both portable and stationary tables.

  • Cartridge Collector Downdraft Tables (DTH & DT-3000): Our fully self-contained downdraft tables feature the easy push-button Vibra-Pulse® Filter Cleaning System, quick-release access doors for easy filter removal, and removable dust collection pans for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • NFPA-Compliant Downdraft Tables for Aluminum Applications (AL Series): Designed for the processing and finishing of aluminum, the AL Series downdraft collection tables help meet NFPA 651 when properly used and maintained.
  • Ducted Downdraft Tables (DT-23 & DT-35): Heavy-gauge welded steel cabinets with full grated work-surface easily integrate into a central dust collection system.
  • EasyBench (PFDT): Our desk-style downdraft table with full leg room is designed for lab applications and fine finishing work. The panel filter table features a hinged top for easy access to the catch tray, strong air flow and quiet operation.

For process-critical applications such as food and pharmaceutical processing, Alpha Industrial Supply also offers downdraft tables in stainless steel construction.

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