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Air Cleaners

For ambient dust, mist, smoke, or fume, Alpha Industrial Supply offers a complete selection of industrial air cleaners, and can help you design the right filtration system to meet your need. High-efficiency filter media, generous air flow rates (up to 12,000 CFM), and low air-to-cloth ratios make our F Series from Airflow Systems an industry choice for reliable, low-maintenance operation. Designed for tool-free, easy filter replacement and high-efficiency performance, the F Series also offers optional blowers and multi-stage filters to fit all kinds of applications.

Our line of industrial air cleaners includes a choice of filter systems: application-specific media, multi-stage filters, HEPA after-filters, and self-cleaning cartridge filters for heavy-duty applications. In addition, our AirPod, a free-standing modular air cleaner offers a choice of panel filters for various types of fine, airborne dust. Alpha Industrial Supply also provides above-the-ceiling commercial air cleaners with quiet operation suitable for offices, break rooms, cafeterias, and computer rooms.